Leaders and Values

Our executives communicate through a Whatsapp group named…. “The Team”! They are online on a 7/24 basis… Our flagship company Platform A.Ş. has two experts as founding partners, one in health, the other in safety at work. They are at the core of an organisation consisting of 6 main businesses with CEOs and other executives, true leaders with more than 200 years of cumulative experience in various sectors, all striving to accelerate the progress of our industry. Priorities and alignments are questioned and updated on a daily basis in our head office. Continuous support to personal achievement, a concern for bringing up the leaders of the next decade, investment in merits and loyalty, transparency in services and balance sheets, commitment to a healthy life for ourselves and for others, fulfilling international standards and criteria, abiding by the law…. are our values as the common denomination as our motto H2H